Friday, September 30, 2011

Vintage Beauty - FREEBIE Cluster from Arlene

I just LOVE the elegant beauty of this kit - it's almost like I'm so "careful" using it - just as I would be holding the actual items in an antique store.  My grandmother always had the scent of flowers when I gave her hugs; this reminds me so much of her; delicate, beautiful, very feminine, and yet very vibrant. 

Arlene sure has captured that feel in her lovely clusters - here's another one she made to share with you.  Click on preview for download link .. and THANK YOU ARLENE!

Arlene's new AUTUMN BIRDS Paper Kit and FREEBIE!

What a treat!  Two new releases from Arlene to show you!  First those beautiful Autumn frames and clusters, and now this gorgeous backgrounds kit.  WOW!  I absolutely love the soft yet vibrant colors and the life brought to each paper with the assortment of birds.  I swear I can hear them singing ... or maybe I just left the window open?  They are gorgous - take a look ...

What a beautiful way to showcase your photos or correspondence papers!  These nine originally designed, one-of-a-kind backgrounds are all 12"x12" in 300 dpi resolution for superb printing results.

As always, Arlene has provided a beautiful cluster that would look spectacular paired with any of these papers - THANK YOU ARLENE! 

Click on preview for download link

Have a GREAT WEEKEND!  Thanks for visiting 


Arlene has come up with an absolutely GORGEOUS kit of 10 clusters and frames - take a peek!  What a great way to get a quick start on your Autumn scrapbooks, or even some recipe cards, personal greeting cards, or whatever you'd like to dress up a little bit for the season.  With the general Autumn theme, they can be used just about anywhere.  LOVELY JOB, ARLENE!

And, as usual, Arlene has been so generous and included a bonus Frame Cluster for FREE - just click on the preview below for download link.

Happy Friday! FREE Little Prince Clusters!

Hello strangers!  To clarify - YOU aren't strange ... I have been lately!  I don't know why I haven't gotten around to posting more freebies yet, I guess I have Fall Fever and want to spend too much time outdoors in this beautiful weather.  I've been busy taking more photos to use for some Autumn-themed kits as you'll see in a few days - fun stuff.

Until then, Arlene has so generously donated a few more of her beautiful clusters from the Little Prince kit, which was this month's FREE kit prize at the Photo Potluck challenge at the forum.  There will be another FREE kit (and mini kit) given away in October at this challenge - check out the details on SATURDAY at the Forum (click link in header or click HERE).

Click on each preview for separate download links

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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Woo Hoo!  The DigiSisters blog train is rolling in today!  Our theme this month is "Pampered Pets" - be sure to stop at all of the blogs to get all of the goodies!  The train stops are listed below the freebie.  Thanks for stopping by!  Check back later - there are more goodies coming your way!

Click preview for download link ...

Here is a list of all of the stops ...


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Country Roads FREEBIE Cluster from Arlene and NEW QP SET!

I REALLY like this Country Roads kit - I had some fun with it and made a QuickPage set.  Hope you like it!  It's on sale now in the store for only $2 - you get all 5 QPs!  They would give you a great start - or finish - to your summer photo scrapping.  You can pick them up HERE, or you can see all of the goodies by clicking on the NEW "SHOP" link in the NEW header of this blog!

Here's the pic I used in the cow QP from the kit ... with little Grace in the Garden

Be sure to check out the DigiSisters Gallery (see link at top of page in NEW header) - there are some great layouts using this kit as well as many of the other kits - some VERY talented people to get great ideas from - you can start YOUR gallery there too - it's FREE!

There are times I wonder if Arlene is really human - she has way too much talent for one person!  Here's another of the Country Roads clusters she made - I LOVE IT!  I'm kind of a country girl ... and this is SO my style!  We don't have animals on our farm (unless you count cats!) but this is so perfectly fitting for my photos!  Now ... which one will I use it for???  You can use it for any of your photos - just click the preview below for download link, and then you can pick up the whole kit if you want at the store!  Click on the NEW link in the NEW header of this blog (cool, huh?) or click HERE for direct link to the Country Roads kit.  Thanks for visiting!


New Little Prince FREEBIE from Arlene

These "Little Prince" clusters from Arlene just keep getting cuter!  Here's another one to go along with the scrapbooking kit you can get HERE - check out all of the cute matching papers too!

Click on preview for download link:


Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Prince - FREEBIE Cluster by Arlene

Another of Arlene's darling creations with the Little Prince kit - STILL ON SALE FOR 40% OFF IN  THE STORE FOR A FEW MORE DAYS! - FREE MINI KIT until September 30

Click on preview for download link ...
THANK YOU AGAIN, ARLENE - you are the QUEEN of Clusters!

Cleaning out the Closet ... FREEBIE for Country Roads from Arlene!

Here's another little gem of a goodie from our most talented Arlene ... this is from the Country Roads collection (STILL ON SALE FOR A FEW MORE DAYS!)

Click on preview for download link ... How CUTE is this???

A lovely Vintage Beauty Cluster Freebe from Arlene and QP from Kimberly

Arlene has done some wonderful things with this Vintage Beauty kit so far that she's kindly shared - THANK YOU ARLENE!  Here's another of the beautiful clusters she has for you ... Enjoy!

Click on preview for download link ...

Our wonderful CT Kimberly has also been having some fun with this kit - she was kind enough to share this lovely layout that she has also made into a QP for you to download below ... and remember - the kit is on sale for a few more days in the store for only $1.80!  160 elements and 21 backgrounds, as well as a QP set sold separately on sale for only $1.20! 
Get it HERE while you can at this great price!

Click on preview below for download link ...


Camping FREEBIES anyone?

Hello, and Happy Monday!  It's a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood - about as perfect as a day can be.  Off work today, I had a chance to clean house in my house as well as on my computer.  We're also having freshly picked carrots and tomatoes for supper along with a turkey ... you're welcome to some if you make it here in time.  My lovely daughter Melany came to visit for a few hours too, which made the day even better.

Speaking of "cleaning house," I found some more freebies that I forgot I had made, and there's a little one from the Lakeside Camp collection that I thought I'd share.  Many times I don't go back and use the kits I've made previously, I'm too busy concentrating on what the next one will be.  This one was really fun to see again, and it sure makes me want to get busy scrapping my own pictures!  We have lots of camping and outdoors ones from when I was younger that I'd love to get done with this kit!  Well, enough blabbering for now, I'll just sit back and enjoy the smell of turkey cooking along with the fresh air blowing in the windows!  Have a great evening!

Click on preview for download link ... (background is not included in download)

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vintage Beauty - FREEBIE cluster from Arlene!

Arlene has used her wonderful talents and is going to share with us once again!  She made some absolutely gorgeous clusters from the new Vintage Beauty kit available at the store right now for only $1.80 during our 40% off sale!  Be sure to check it out!

The kit previews are in a posting from yesterday - if you haven't seen them be sure to take a look - you're sure to find something you like and can use!

Here's Arlene's lovely gift for us all ... click on preview for download link.


Be sure to check out all of the other freebies in recent postings - there are a ton of them scheduled for this weekend!

Lakeside Camp - another FREEBIE QP!

Remember that lovely trip you made ... camping by the lake?  Or to your lake cabin?  Here's the perfect kit to help you showcase your lovely photos and memories, as well as a FREE QuickPage to get you started!  You'll find a little bit of nostalgia in the slightly vintage look to the camping and fishing elements, and the warm, outdoorsy backgrounds.  Sold separately, you can just get the elements and frames, or you can just get the backgrounds pack - or both of course! - to suit your particular needs. 

You can get the elements/frames kit (120 items!) for only $1.50 and the backgrounds pack (30 pages!) for only 1.20 in the store right now during our 40% off sale!  What a deal!  Click HERE for direct link to store.  If you're looking for something to get you started, you can check out the cluster pack that Arlene has made for you for only 1.20 also - it contains 5 beautiful clusters and a bonus free QuickPage!

Here are a few previews ... and a freebie QP at the end ...

And the free QP ... click on preview for download link

Thanks for visiting!  Be sure to check out other current posts for MORE freebies this weekend!

Country Roads Freebies!

Do you still need to catch up on your summer photo scrapping?  Here's a great kit with that summer feel to it - Country Roads.  You can get the whole kit for only $1.50 at the store during our 40% off sale right now!  Also check out the freebie shown below to get you started on your scrapping ...

Click on preview below for download link for FREEBIE

And ... another surprise freebie from Arlene!  Click on preview for download link.

Thanks again for visiting - be sure to check out other recent posts for more freebies this weekend!

CU Packages from Arlene and FREEBIES!

Have you seen the new Commercial Use products available from Arlene?  They're awesome!  I have featured several in my new kits - you should check them out!  Anyone can use them for personal, scrap for hire, scrap for others, and commercial use.  Here's a sample of the new kits, and a free CU item for you to enjoy!

And here's a lovely CU freebie for you - THANK YOU ARLENE!!!  Just right click on item and save to your computer.

Check other recent posts for more freebies being given away this weekend!

A cute FREEBIE from Arlene for your LITTLE PRINCE!

Don't we all know a "little monkey" somewhere in our lives, past or present?  What a cute way to show off a photo of your little sweetie?  Arlene's clusters are always a great way to bring a smile to any face - here's another one she's given us from the Little Prince collection. 

In case you like this cluster, you can get the whole kit for only $1.50 during the 40% off sale RIGHT NOW in the store!  Click HERE for direct link.

Click on preview for download link

Thanks for visiting - be sure to check for more freebies on other current postings!  There's a lot of free stuff being listed this weekend!

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Kit - Vintage Beauty - and FREEBIE CLUSTER!

Happy Friday - or Saturday as the case may be for you.  I have been a bit scarce on the blog lately, which has resulted in two good things; first, I have a whole load of freebies to give away; and second, I was able to get a new kit finished!  Yippee!  I even had some time to do a little scrapping with it to try it out, and I sure enjoyed it.  There are many pictures of my grandparents when they were young that I have wanted to put in a scrapbook for ages, but just haven't found the right kit, so I made one.  This kit is a little more on the feminine side; the more masculine one will be a little later this year.  Here are a few pages that I did up of my grandparents and my parents from a "few" years ago ...

This next one I just can't decide which pictures to use yet!

 The whole kit contains 21 custom designed, one-of-a-kind papers that you won't find in any other kit except the Somewhere in Time Blog Train mini kit I added to this.  There are 160 elements, so there's something to suit just about any vintage scrapping need!

Remember - most items in the store are still at 40% off - you can get this whole kit for only $1.80!

I made the layouts into some quickpages and two clusters that are for sale separately at the store - get them quick while the 40% off sale is still on!

Here's a little frame cluster for your patience in reading this far!  THANK YOU for visiting, and have a great weekend - I hope you can get outside and enjoy some beautiful Autumn-like weather!

Click on preview for download link.

Be sure to check other current / newer posts for lots more freebies coming your way!


This is just one of the stops in the PEEK, SEEK and DESIGN Challenge -
INSTRUCTIONS:  Place this item where ever you wish in your layout - right click on image and choose "save to my computer" to download piece.

If you are successful in your treasure hunting by placing correctly all the necessary game pieces that you find along the treasure map, you will get another TREASURE:

Elements Preview:
Peek Sek & Design Challenge Element Preview

Paper Preview:
Peek, Seek & Design Challenge Paper Preview

Be sure to go back to the Treasure Map, to continue along the right path!

Happy hunting!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CU Halloween Freebie from Arlene - and NEW CU SET OF CLUSTERS!

Good morning!  I hope you're having a great Tuesday so far - it's just started in my part of the world, and it's just gloroius so far.  I love living on a farm - sometimes I just don't even want to go anywhere because it's so peaceful and beautiful here.  With Autumn on the way, the leaves are starting to change colors, there's a little bit of crispness in the air, the crops are anxious to be harvested, and one of my favorite farm cats is .... pregnant again.  NOT good timing for this little mama!  From the looks of things, we should see some little kitties again in a few weeks.  I have a feeling that they'll be living in Larry's heated shop for a while this year ... Minnesota winters are a little too cold for babies outside!

With Autumn quickly approaching what little one isn't aware that Halloween is also on the horizon?  My lovely friend Arlene is thinking ahead and has a very timely treat for you - a free CU Halloween cluster!  This is from one of her new CU kits that are available in the store, which I'm sure you'll love!  It's not easy to find such beautiful elements available for commercial use at such a reasonable price - she's building an impressive stock of lovely items ... be sure to check them out HERE.

Here are a few previews of her new CU kits ...

Arlene was kind enough to share an EXTRA from each kit to give to you as a freebie this week - we'll feature one each day.  The first is from the lovely Autumn Basket Collection ... gorgeous!  Click on image for download link.

Thank you Arlene!