Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Our 5th train is rolling in today ... our theme this month is Somewhere in Time.  It was really fun putting together a vintage themed kit!  I hope you like them ... follow the links shown below the preview so you can be sure to collect ALL of the goodies!  Thanks for visiting!

Click on preview for download link

Blogtrain Order - Somewhere in Time  August 2011 Blogtrain #5

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Our wonderful CT superstar JEANNIE has been working with the new release kits this month, and doing a fantastic job!  If you get a chance, check out her - and all of the CT members' - work at the Gallery, you're sure to find inspiration for your own creations!

Jeannie made this layout with my just-released kit Lakeside Camp.  This kit is perfect for scrapping your vacation memories, fishing trips, weekend trips that the "guys" take ... if it's outdoors, this is bound to have something for you!  Be sure to check out the wonderful cluster kit made by our own Arlene - the Queen of Clusters in my opinion!

Jeannie's layout is so creative ... imagine what you can do with this page and YOUR photos!

You can download this QP from Jeannie by clicking on the image below

Lakeside Camp Frame Cluster FREEBIE

Today we have a sweet little frame from the Lakeside Camp collection for you ... check back later for our BLOG TRAIN and MORE freebies!

Click on image for download link.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A NEW KIT - Lakeside Camp - and a FREEBIE!

I'm so excited that this kit is done!  I've been working on it on and off for the past month or more - and it's finally ready!  YIPPEE!  I absolutely love it.  You wouldn't believe the amount of time put into making the papers - but I have to say I think it was worth it.  So many were made with scans of photos from our family camping trips to Grandma and Grandpa's cabin "up north" and subsequently on the nearby property my parents purchased for our little cabin.  That property is still in our family; my brother and his family own it, and have made some amazingly wonderful changes to it and have it open to all of us to enjoy.

Hopefully this kit will help express some of the happiness, peace and relaxation found in the great outdoors for YOUR photo layouts.  Take some time and really look into the elements pack - there's stuff hidden everywhere!  I love the old pull-behind camper trailer up on the right side towards the top of the elements preview!  How fun is that?  There are lots of goodies in there ... including some S'MORES... yum.  Two of my favorites are the png copy of the campfire and the fish jumping out of the water splash; once again, they were well worth the time invested in creating them.

You can purchase the kit starting today at our DigiSisters Store by clicking here.

I can only hope you enjoy using this kit as much as I did making it for you.  I included a yummy little freebie for you at the end ...

The Elements and Frames kit is available for only $2.50 - see both previews ...

The Paper Pack is sold separately for $2.00

And once again Arlene has worked her magic with clusters; this gorgeous set of 5 clusters with a BONUS QuickPage is available HERE for only $2.  (You'll notice that Arlene is now set up as a permanent designer at the store, focusing mostly on clusters and other special projects.  YIPPEE!  She's AWESOME!)

And for a yummy little freebie from this kit ... just right click on preview and save to your computer.  Be careful!  The marshmallows are hot!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Does this FREEBIE Speak to You???

Ha ha, I'm so funny with my posting titles, aren't I?  Well, I may be no comedian, but I know what makes me happy ... and Arlene's clusters sure do!  I have yet another freebie from her for today - those lovely "talking" frame clusters she has for sale in the store just happen to have one that wouldn't fit in the kit ... or so she says.  I think Arlene just likes to make beautiful things and share them with us all.  Here's the freebie she has for you today ... right after the previews of the "talking frame" cluster kits she has for sale in the store.

And .... the FREEBIE!  Click on image for download link.  How FUN is this???  ha ha ha, my good jokes again!


Please help me!!!  I am pretty practical (usually) in how I spend my money.  I have been paying for the 200 gb of download bandwidth on 4-shared; this last month I must not have given away enough free stuff, because I have a TON of bandwidth left!  If there is ANYTHING in there you want, please feel free to download!!!  I'm going to clean out a lot of the older stuff in early September, so before Sept. 1 you'll find the best selection.  Here's a link to the main folder ...

Thanks for your support!


If you haven't seen Arlene's new kit Seashore Summer, you're missing a gem!  It's gorgeous!  It's been a top seller in our store this month - Congratulations Arlene!  I'm including some previews of the kit below; you can click on them to bring you directly to the store to get your own copy now.  Below the previews are some FREEBIE clusters and a gorgeous wave/rainbow background.  Enjoy!  THANK YOU ARLENE!!!

Your lovely freebies can be obtained by clicking on each one individually for three separate download links.

Now click on over to the store and do some fun shopping!  :)


I have two more freebies from the Giggles kit that Arlene made for you!  They are SO CUTE!  I know I've been overloading you with "Giggles" lately, but it is so fun that it's hard to stop.  Especially when our very talented Arlene keeps coming up with such great stuff.  I hope you're all going to have a great weekend for the last of August ... just think, the lovely month of September is just around the corner!

Here are the darling clusters from Arlene - just click on each one for two separate download links.  Thank YOU for visiting, and thank you ARLENE for the gifts!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another GIGGLES Freebie QP

I almost forgot about this one ... a couple of people expressed an interest in having this QP - it's the one I made for our Sketch Challenge at the DigiSisters Forum (you should check it out - new ones are starting all of the time!)

Here's the goofy little girl QP ...  click on it for download link.

Feeling a little GIGGLY today? How about a DOUBLE FREEBIE!

Happy Thursday!  It's almost over for me - at work that is.  It's a beautiful day and I can't wait to get outdoors and maybe take some pictures so I remember what a beautiful day is like when it's January!!!  I won't be giggling then I suppose ... probably whining about the cold.  Well, just in case YOU feel a little giggly today, Arlene made some absolutely ADORABLE frame clusters with the "Giggles" kit (available in the store for only $2.50!)  I am including two of them for you today, with more to follow.  This is really a fun kit to work with - the bright colors will get just about anyone smiling. Here's a look ...

Here's the first two frames from our wonderfully talented Arlene ...

Click on each preview separately for two separate downloads.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Country Roads ... 3 QP FREEBIES!

I still miss our daily download little Gnome!  I think I'll have to incorporate him into my logo or something, he was fun .. so was the daily download.  I'll be doing another one in September ... just have to find something as fun as gnomes!  However, I DO have something fun for you today - some more FREEBIES!  Don't you just LOVE free stuff???  I sure do.  Well, most of the time anyway.  Sometimes free things are not so appreciated; case in point, Allie.  My daughter Tricia won an enormous stuffed dog at a carnival game - no kidding, this thing was like 4 feet tall.  Cute, but very, very big.  After a couple of years of sitting in her room, and a while sitting in her dorm room, she let him come home to "visit."  I was intent on finding him a permanent home that was NOT at my house ... so when our sweet little friend Allie (4 years old) came to visit one day to play with the kitties, she won a prize for being so well behaved!  Guess what the prize was ... yes!  A FREE DOG!!!  Thank goodness her mom has a wonderful sense of humor - they took the dog home and I haven't heard from them since.   I'm hoping things worked out well; I suppose there could be another reason I haven't heard from them?????   Free things are usually good ... maybe they can re-gift the doggie when Allie outgrows him.  WATCH OUT - you may find him on your doorstep!

Well, enough of the boring stories - I just got a good laugh out of that when it happened.  Here's a freebie you have a CHOICE about receiving - from the Country Roads kit, which you can pick up for yourself at the store right now for only $2.50!

Our Super CT Jeannie put this togther for you ... I love her style!

                                Click on image below for QP download link

Just in case you missed Jeannie's first Country Roads QP, here's the link again:

Our Super CT Kim made this classic country looking QP for you - can't you just see grandma baking cookies or working in the flower garden?
Click on image below for QP download link


Thank you for visiting!  I have LOTS of freebies to give away before the end of the month - please check back soon for more!  Have a spectacular day.  Not just good - SPECTACULAR!


I just missed him too much ... had to have him back for a visit!  HI GNOME!

It looks like he's looking far off into the distance ... but YOU don't have to look far to find a couple of cute Lawn Flair FREEBIES!  Our Super CTs Kim and Judy made these up for you - HOW FUN! 

If you haven't seen them yet, here's a little preview of the Lawn Flair series to date - the final set will be out soon!  You can pick these up for yourself at the store; they're all styled to work with each other and with one general paper kit, so you can mix and match as you please.

Kim made this cute QP - don't you just love this flamingo???  THANK YOU KIM!
Click on image for download link.

Judy made this cute frame cluster - what says SUMMER better than Sunflowers!!  THANK YOU JUDY!
Click on image for download link.


Another clever idea from Arlene ... "Talking" frame clusters!  Ok, so they don't actually talk (YET!) but they all have word art included on them which expresses a sentiment or occasion.  What a great idea!!  She's compiled two sets of 6 each for you to take a look at ... and, of course, she included a special one as a freebie for you.  You can get these at the store for only $1.50 each - what a deal!  It gets your scrapping done in a fraction of the time, leaving you with more time to take photos of your loved ones.  Perfect.  You can click on the previews for a link to them in the DigiSisters store.

Click on image below for download link for FREE "TALKING" FRAME CLUSTER!


Arlene's back with a FREEBIE GLOBE CLUSTER!

What a creative idea!  I love these "snow" globes!  They don't actually have snow (but you could certainly add it if you wanted to), but they have a see-through glass bubble that can act as a photo frame, or just as a decoration  How clever!  Arlene has compiled a huge set of 15 of these clusters with a great selection of occasions / seasons.  Here's a little preview of them for you ... take a look, download the freebie below, and then head over to the store to get the whole collection

Arlene was kind enough to include a FREEBIE Globe for you to download!  Click on image below for download link.

THANK YOU ARLENE!  We appreciate your wonderful work.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peek Seek and Design Challenge FREEBIE #2

It's not too late - you can still get in on this challenge! 


There a couple of cute little free clusters that Karen made for you out of the HUGE FREE KIT you get as a reward for completing the challenge ... THANK YOU KAREN!

RIGHT CLICK and SAVE TO YOUR COMPUTER on each image for direct download.

Giggles! 4 QP FREEBIES!

I just had to share this pic of one of our new kittens - Roger.  What a cutie!  Makes me want to GIGGLE!  I did this as part of the Sketch Challenge at the DigiSisters Forum this month, you should take a look at it - it's super easy and FUN - and best of all - you get FREEBIES! I'd be happy to make it a freebie QP if anyone is interested - let me know, ok?  Check out the whole kit - it is SO fun!  I've included a few layouts that the wonderful ladies of the DigiSisters Creative Team have come up with too ... you can buy the whole kit for only $2.50 at the store - what a deal!

My new kitty Roger makes me giggle!

I also did the Member's Choice Challenge with this kit - we made signature tags.  I thought this slightly wacky, goofy girl suited my personality quite well!

My wonderful friend Kim, our newest CT at DigiSisters, put together these pages ... they're just so cute I don't know what to say, except AWWWWWWW

You can check out ALL of the layouts at the DigiSisters Gallery!

The next two were submitted by Dawn ... how cute is that layering!

Kim was kind enough to share her talent with some FREE QPs - you can click on each image for download links.  THANK YOU KIM!

THANK YOU FOR VISITING TODAY!!!  Have a great day, and hope to see you again soon.