Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Looking for Forum Challenge Testers

Regarding the Photo Potluck challenge I mentioned in the posting earlier today ... I know this is a little different- I saw one like it on another forum, and it was really fun.  I'll start it off by posting one of my photos first.  You have to have YOUR picture ready to upload at the time you go to download only the LAST photo that's been posted.  That way, as soon as you download that LAST photo in the challenge thread, you add yours with a note that you're taking XXX's photo, and then yours becomes the new last one.  The "taking" would probably end about the 20th or so.  Finished layouts would have to be posted by the 25th (that takes into account those of us who tend to be late at times).  We would know who has whose photo because it would be the person right below you in the thread.

I'm notoriously bad at explaining things!!!  What I usually do is make instructions using screen shots of what I'm looking at, which helps me a LOT.  I'll post that as soon as I get it done.  :)  Maybe there would be a few volunteers who would like to help me test run this?  Just so we can work out any kinks before August 1.  I'll go ahead and set it up, post the instructions, and hope we get a few volunteers :)  In the meantime, find a photo you'd like to have scrapped with a "fun in the summer sun" theme.  I'll get a mini-kit uploaded for you to use for the sample run. 

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Kajun Beth said...

I'll help with the test run!