Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daily Download FREEBIE - July Day 1

I haven't officially named this kit yet, it's not even finished!  The first day's download will give you a clue to what it's all about ... tacky, overdone, and a little rustic / retro thrown in for good measure!  Not to say there won't be some humor too ... this will be fun!  I'll be taking suggestions for names, if anyone cares to contribute ... prizes, freebies, lottery tickets, oh, maybe not the lottery tickets, but if one of the names you submit is chosen, I'll definitely send you some EXTRA goodies!

Before I forget (ha ha), we have our new store opening today!  YIPPEE!  Everything is 50% off!! The prices there on the kits are a bit more than on this blog because we have a lot more expense involved, but with the half off it comes out LESS expensive than on this blog!  If there's anything you're looking for, now would be a great time!  There's also a HUGE free collaboration kit that all six designers contributed kits for - it's GREAT!  You can get it FREE with a purchase of only $5!  I'll post the previews and store ad a little later ... or would it be earlier?  It's almost midnight, and I think I'll doze off soon. 

Here's today's link - click on picture for download link.  Happy JULY!

How about another From This Moment FREEBIE pack?

I just zipped up all of these QPs and Clusters that I made from the From This Moment kits, and was going to put them in our new store.  Would y'all like to be my testers to see how the store checkout system works?  I'm going to load the package onto the store site and list it as FREE just until July 5.  There over 20 QPs and Clusters, some of which you may already have, but I know a few are new. 

The store is at - you can also click the preview below for a direct link to the freebie sale page.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the support you've given to me, and the friendship.  I honestly do feel like you're friends - I look forward to hearing from you so much, and enjoy a lot of the little stories, etc. that you've shared.  YOU'RE the BEST!!!!


Here it is ... another month gone by already!  I thought it would be fun to end the daily downloads of this kit with a free little mini-kit of bridal laces (and a feather!) .. the background paper is also included.  You can download the zip file by clicking on the preview.


OUR NEW STORE OPENS TOMORROW!!!  Check out - 1/2 price sale for 10 days!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FREEBIE QP - Dandelions and Daisies

I made up this QP a while ago and did a posting for it, but either it didn't go through correctly or you guys really hated it - it only had 2 views shown ... just in case someone does want it, I thought I'd re-do the link.  Thanks!


Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 29

Good morning!  I hope your morning is as beautiful wherever you are as it is here - the birds are chirping, the breeze is warm, and the sunrise is glorious!  THIS is summer!!!!  Here's a little something I made for your next goodie from this kit ... have a great day!

EDITED:  This was NOT downloading correctly, so I got a little fed up and made a whole folder of clusters and QPs from this set.  You may already have some of them, but several are new.  Generously donated by ARLENE!!!!  Click preview for download link to zip folder ...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One more FREEBIE for today's DAILY DOWNLOAD

Arlene also sent a frame cluster to go with the previous Daily Download, you can get it by clicking on the preview . . .

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 28

Happy Tuesday!  Here's another of the special bonus items from Arlene for the "From This Moment" kit.  Have a wonderful day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 27

Another surprise download for Day 27 from the "From This Moment" collection ... a big thanks to Arlene once again!

Click on preview for download link

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 26

A bit of a surprise for you ... the next 5 downloads for this month are BONUS items for the kit!  Enjoy!  The first is a QP from our favorite designer, Arlene.

Click on preview for download link

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 24

Happy Friday!  Vacation time is here for me, so the next couple of Daily Downloads will be depending on Blogger's scheduling ... :)

Have a great day!  Lisa

click on preview for download link

Thursday, June 23, 2011

FREEBIE - Dandelions and Daisies Cluster from Arlene

She's at it again ... one more of the lovely gifts from Arlene.  It may be a little slow to load, but once it does all you have to do is right click on the picture and save it to your computer - the full-sized png file will be saved.

Have a great day!

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 23

Day 23 already!!! Time is just flying by.  Here is the link for today's part of the kit ...

(click on preview for download link)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A lovely LO from Shawna

Shawna sent in this lovely layout - it's the first I've seen from the wedding kit, From This Moment.  THANK YOU Shawna!

Another fun layout from Jeannie ...

Jeannie K did another great layout with the add-on kit from "Fun Fair" ... looks like FUN! 
 Thank you Jeannie - great job!

You're up too late!

A certain couple of scrappers are up too late I think ... you know who you are!!!  :)


Wow, that was quick!  Not so long after posting this challenge yesterday, I received 5 e-mails with some great scrapbook pages that were designed with some of the different things given away or sold on this blog.  VERY COOL!  I'm posting them below, and extending the challenge to anyone else interested.  If you send me a copy of, or link to, a page you've done, I'll send you a link to get the free add-on kit for the Fun Fair June Blog Train.  I'm also adding an extra little something from the very talented Arlene at the end of this posting . . . enjoy!  THANK YOU to the wonderful ladies who sent these in.  I'll add them to the gallery also. (the layouts, not the ladies!)

Layout by Jeannie with papers from the Naturally Spring kit

Layout by  Natasha using Dandelions and Daisies kit

Layout by PAM - Dandelions and Daisies Kit

Layout by Beth, made with Dandelions and Daisies kit

Layout by Kimberly with the Fun Fair Choo-Choo Blog Train kit
(given away on June 19 - see blog listing for download link)

THIS is the free kit you will get if you send in a copy of one of YOUR layouts using a kit from this blog - you know you want to do it ... don't be shy!  It's fun  :)  Just send me an e-mail at and include a copy of or link to your layout.  I REALLY DO enjoy seeing them - it kind of makes this all seem worthwhile if someone can actually use the kits  :)

And finally ... my wonderful friend Arlene had a bit of a challenge, and made some clusters from the Fun Fair kit - it's not a kit that has a whole lot of the standard scrapbooking items, I knew that the other designers in the blog train had some awesome extras in their kits, and I didn't want to duplicate too much, so check out the whole blog train collection (see June 19 posting).

Here's one of the very imaginative clusters Arlene created, just for YOU!
To download this one, you can just right click image and choose "SAVE" to your computer. 
The full sized png file will download and save.  Super easy! 

mmmmm.  I LOVE mini donuts! ... I think I'm getting hungry . . .

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 22

Hello Wednesday!  My short week is almost over already - I'm off to our family reunion on Friday morning!  Once every five years my brothers, sister, and all of their families get together in a different area of the country, and this year it's in Minnesota!  I can't wait - I really LIKE my family, so that helps a lot.  They're a great bunch of people who have shown up in lots of my scrapping layouts.  Hopefully I'll get some new pics to play with.  Well - here's another few pieces of the kit for YOU to play with!

Click on preview for download link:

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 21

Good morning!  Here is today's download-have a great day!

Click on preview for download link.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Ok, so I'm new to designing kits as you may know.  Many of you wonderful people have actually purchased some of them, and have made many, many nice comments.  I would love to see what the "finished" products look like!  I'm going to offer a free add-on kit (shown below) to go with our CHOO CHOO BLOG TRAIN freebies (see yesterday's post) to anyone who sends me a copy of or link to a finished layout using any of the products from this blog - free or purchased.  I would love to expand the GALLERY section of the blog with showing off YOUR work!  If you're not comfortable with that, I can list you as a "mystery" contributor!

E-mail a .jpg copy of your finished layout, or a link to it to me at and be SURE to include the e-mail address you'd like the download link for the FREE KIT sent to.  This should be fun!

Here's a preview . . . this is not a typical kit with all of the usual buttons, bows and trims - it's meant to inspire some creative thinking and trying new ideas out. 

AND, since you're still reading this, here's a freebie QP done from the CHOO CHOO BLOG TRAIN kit from June (DOWNLOAD ALL OF THE KITS FOR FREE - SEE YESTERDAY'S POST FOR ALL OF THE LINKS!)

Click on preview to download.  Wait for full-sized PNG file to load in a new window, then RIGHT CLICK on it and choose SAVE to your computer.  Easy! 

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 20

What a wonderful morning ... to SLEEP IN!  No work today, yippee!  Sorry for being late posting, but I was in the middle of a really good dream and wanted to finish it, something about winning the lottery I think ... but I did end up waking up.  Oh well, there are definitely better things than money in life!  Here's today's part of the kit, hope you're enjoying it.  PLEASE let me see if you've done something with it, or any of the kits - I would absolutely LOVE IT!  You can send it through e-mail to, or send a link if you have something posted somewhere.  I really would like to see!!!!! 

Click on preview for download link

Have a great day!  Check newer posts for more FREE STUFF - I have a few more coming up today!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 19

Another busy day of freebies!  Be sure to check previous and later posts to see what else is here for you . . . enjoy!

Click on preview for download link

Don't forget - you can get the matching full size kit in the "KITS FOR SALE" section of this blog for only $2 - no duplications to the daily download / add-on kit!  The coordinating Gold Accessories kit is also available for only $1!  Can't beat the prices :)

The June BLOG TRAIN IS HERE with Fun Fair Freebies!

We have a whole lot of fun in the June blog train for you - a Fun Fair to be exact!  You can pick up a ton of freebies along the way!  Be sure to hit all of the stops, there are some really fun things in store for you. 

Click on preview for download link to this stop on the train, and check below for the rest of the stops! Be sure to sign up to get exclusive freebies for next month's edition!

Crafty Scraps Choo Choo Blog (SIGN UP HERE!)











Mayfair (Linda)

KapiScrap (Sandrine)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Arlene's Freebies - Dandelions and Daisies Cluster #9

Wow ... another lovely cluster from Arlene!  She really made some gorgeous things from this kit.  You can get the matching papers and all of the elements for only $2 - a super deal on a fun kit!  Check it out in the KITS FOR SALE section of this blog.

Click on picture for download.  A new screen will open and will automatically load the full sized png version of the picture.  RIGHT CLICK on that picture and choose SAVE to your computer.

Arlene's Freebies - From This Moment cluster

Here's another lovely cluster from Arlene ~  click on preview picture.  Full-sized image will appear on screen in separate window.  Right click on that picture and choose SAVE to your computer.  The PNG image will be downloaded.

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 18

Happy weekend!  Here's a start . . .

Click on preview for download link

Friday, June 17, 2011

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 17

Wow!  Where is this month going???  It's the 17th already!  I can't wait for the weekend so I can go out and enjoy some of the (hopefully) beautiful summer weather.  Here's today's download.

Click on preview for download link

The matching, full-sized kit (no duplications with daily download kit) can be purchased for only $2 in the Kits for Sale section of this blog - a great deal on a really fun kit to work with. 

And also in the store - - - the Gold Embellishments and Word Art / Alphabet kits; both sets in one purchase for only $1.  Hours of enjoyment for less than the price of a cup of coffee - Life is Good!

FFH BLOG HOP - Father's Day Freebies!

Here it is . . . the Father's Day "Friday Frenzy" Blog Hop sponsored by Michelle at Crafty Scraps and Dina at Best Kept Memories.  We all have some quickpages for you - click on the preview below if you'd like to download mine.  The rest of the blog roll is listed below.  Thanks for visiting, and have fun collecting all of the pages!

REMEMBER - THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 19 IS THE BLOG TRAIN !  LOTS OF FREEBIES, INCLUDING SEVERAL KITS.  The theme is "Fun Fair" and there are some great kits, quickpages, and more.  Please check back on Sunday!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's make it 4 FREEBIES in today's posts!

All 4 posts should show up after midnight on 6/17 - two are being done tonight, and two are scheduled.  Let's make it a fun friday!  I love getting free stuff, but let me tell you, the saying is really true.  It really IS more fun to give stuff away!  Y'all have made both Arlene and I feel AWESOME by your wonderful comments and repeat visits to the blog - THANK YOU!  Here's another freebie cluster from Arlene from the "From This Moment" collection of kits.  Have a great day!

Click on picture for download - full sized png picture will load onto your screen in separate window. Right click on that picture and select SAVE to your computer.

It's Friday - time for a FREEBIE!

Lots going on today - good freebies all around!  Here's the first - another of the beautiful clusters from Arlene from the Dandelions and Daisies kit ...

Click on image for download link.

You can get the Dandelions and Daisies kit for only $2 in the Kits for Sale section.

Daily Download Freebie - FROM THIS MOMENT Day 16

Good morning (or afternoon, evening, or whatever it may be for you right now).  Hopefully you're having a great day, and have found something to smile about often.  If you can't find something, make something for someone else to smile about - it's catchy!  Here's today's part of the kit - one of my favorite pieces in the whole kit is in this one - the sheer embroidered lace.  Sometimes you just have to love the girly stuff!

Click on preview for download link.